Democrats aren’t the only tyrants

Attached you will find Tennessee Governor Bill Lee’s latest executive order. Bending the knee to maintain federal compliance. Really? Or how about this removal of due process: 14. Telephone assessments for involuntary commitment cases are permitted. The provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 33-4-108, are hereby suspended to the extent necessary to allow the issuanceContinue reading “Democrats aren’t the only tyrants”

Call to Action

For all of my followers, I ask this question this morning on the morning update. As I consider throwing my hat in the ring for elected office, what are your top 3 priorities or expectations you have for elected officials? Also, what do you think the role of government is, and what it isn’t? SendContinue reading “Call to Action”

Mister Mencken saw into the future of our Republic

Cue the Biden Administration’s actions. We just lived through four years of calling President Trump a dictator yet the past six months and going into the rest of this year paints a pretty clear picture of dictatorial rule from Washington, DC.

You Get What You Pay For

I just finished reading a great blog/article that a Patriot shared. The title of my blog post is probably the best pull quote from the article. This article/blog post deals with public (government) education in the United States of America today. There is no going back to what worked, we need to go forward inContinue reading “You Get What You Pay For”

Some animals are more equal than others

So, the Executive Branch of our Federal Government is flagging “problematic” posts on the world’s largest social media platform (with Facebook’s assistance) to counter what government deems is misinformation? Proof positive that the usurpers in Washington, DC do not care about the Constitution. In fact, they hate it so much they will conspire with powerfulContinue reading “Some animals are more equal than others”