Call to Action

I shared this earlier but am now asking the followers and listeners to take action. Everybody needs to do a deep dive on the Congressman, Ritchie Torres, D-NY-15 and look into a couple of things. First, see if he or his campaign has received donations from the experimental jab manufacturers. That is questionable financial activityContinue reading “Call to Action”

The CDC is just following the science, right?????

Ask yourself that question again after reading this – If the actual rules were followed the experimental jabs will never receive full approval because there are proven, effective alternatives. As we have learned over the course of the past 19 months though the CDV, FDA, and many others don’t follow the rules or theContinue reading “The CDC is just following the science, right?????”

Interesting Read

Just sharing what I believe to be quite prescient. When cults feel threatened by lack of faith – by disbelief – the tendency is for them to get suicidally and homicidally violent. This is the stage we’re entering now as regards the Cult of Sickness Eternal. Its leaders and membership are fulminating over the lackContinue reading “Interesting Read”

A Reminder

Just reminding everybody about the hypocrisy of the man trying to force experimental, emergency use authorization medication on you as well as putting masks on children all over the country. Oh, he has lied to Congress and us, and is making large sums of money off of the misery helped create. One year ago heContinue reading “A Reminder”

First Law of Nature

Why do the usurpers attack the Second Amendment and wish it never existed in the first place? People with critical thinking skills understand the why. Great read for those that cannot see the reason why. Read the article –