The Real Collusion

Latest Blog Post – The real collusion concerning election interference has been emphatically proven. If you have a Twitter account you need to read this thread – Matt Taibbi, with permission and access presumably granted by Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk, brings the receipts that prove election interference in the 2020 presidential election. IContinue reading “The Real Collusion”

Making Sense Now??

Latest Blog Post – Is it making sense now? An interesting article from Breitbart news. It discusses finding from Peter Schweizer, an author that has a factual record of the financial dealings of America’s ruling elite. With the current Usurper-in-Chief’s soft-handed dealings with events in China as well as with China’s ruling elite since hisContinue reading “Making Sense Now??”

Episode 86 is available

This week’s episode is released. Give it a listen on your preferred platform: Apple podcasts – Google Podcasts – Anchor –—Stand-Firm-Against-Them-e1rjmsd Spotify – Rumble – Or many other podcast platforms. Follow me on Facebook at Larry For TN12, Liberty, Leadership and Lies or subscribe to the blog at #LarryForTN12Continue reading “Episode 86 is available”

Disappointed, but not surprised

Latest blog post – I have to say that I am disappointed, but not surprised by the action of my former rival, and 10-year incumbent in the election for House District 12 seat in the General Assembly. Read story here – TN Republican Pushes For More Foreign Labor To Replace Native Workers – Tennessee ConservativeContinue reading “Disappointed, but not surprised”

Ending Insanity

Latest Blog Post – The Ending of (some) Insanity A report is out there that some of the insanity on social media is ending. In Elon Musk’s latest move to lessen the government-sponsored censorship on his recently purchased Twitter we get some good news. Article here – Maybe this trend will continue, or not.Continue reading “Ending Insanity”

They Hate You…

Latest blog post – They Hate You Another bit of evidence that our government hates us is brewing in the Congress. Article here – While there are business owners involved in this mix, ultimately the people that are apathetically elected and re-elected can make this happen. These same elected officials who swore an oathContinue reading “They Hate You…”

Another ‘Hold My Beer’ …

Latest blog post – I came across another liberal ‘Hold My Beer’ bit of information. Just when you think the depravity and perversion from those on the left cannot get any worse, one of them will shout, ‘hold my beer’ and come up with another outrageous lie. I often think that I might become numbContinue reading “Another ‘Hold My Beer’ …”