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My name is Larry Linton and I am Patriotic American with serious concerns about the direction of our great Republic. Lean in with me as I discuss how our liberty as American citizens is slowly disappearing; the different types of leadership and how it is needed to restore our Republic; the lies our government and media spoon feed you on a daily basis.

EP 100: Lies – More Incompetence or Corruption? Liberty, Leadership and Lies with Larry Linton

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  1. EP 100: Lies – More Incompetence or Corruption?
  2. EP 99: Leadership – Sevier County GOP Reorganization
  3. EP 98: Liberty – They Just Don't Want You To Have It
  4. EP 97: Lies – Right in our Backyard (Part 2)
  5. EP 96: Lies – Right in our Backyard

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Liberty, Leadership and Lies
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