Why the jab push?

I came across this interesting study by a government agency today. Please give it a read. Especially in light of the experimental jab being pushed. EUA is only given when there are no other treatments are available. This study provides evidence that the government knows of alternative treatments with already FDA medicine. Jab = control.Continue reading “Why the jab push?”

Silver Lining

Read past the political bend of the news organization and you can see that the “pandemic” has a silver lining. More and more parents are realizing that fully taking control of their child’s education is possible, and enjoyable. Sharing this article on the heels of releasing today’s interview with a Sevier County Homeschool Mom andContinue reading “Silver Lining”

Spot on analogy

Credit: Seth Keshel. The same applies to every state in the union. @TNGOP Tale 1: You go to the doctor for a checkup. A lab tech takes a blood sample and a few days later, the doctor calls you up and says that while your general health outlook appears stable, you have a few labContinue reading “Spot on analogy”

Call to Action

For all of my followers, I ask this question this morning on the morning update. As I consider throwing my hat in the ring for elected office, what are your top 3 priorities or expectations you have for elected officials? Also, what do you think the role of government is, and what it isn’t? SendContinue reading “Call to Action”