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Unless, of course, it is science that impacts the government’s and its media enablers’ ability to sell fear and gain control. Why are their government entities not using all the science available? Always ask the why people. Read the below article and judge for yourself. Article –

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Servant leadership – secular vs Christ-centered; Moms For Liberty; Homeschoolers are true servant leaders Go ahead and give it a listen. Feedback is always appreciated.—Servant-Leadership–Hospitality-e14p5ja

New Episode Tomorrow

Doing the final edits right now for tomorrow morning’s episode. We’ll talk about servant leadership some more. Also talking about some great examples of servant leaders in every community. Please tune in. Stop by the blog tomorrow to see the call to action for next week’s episode about lies! Podcast is here 👉

Next Leadership Episode

The next episode will focus a little bit more on servant leadership. I would be interested in the audience’s thoughts on leadership. If you know of somebody that is a good leader, let me know why. Send an email to Listen to the last episode on leadership to serve as a primer –—Finding-Servant-Leaders-e13m3hj

Call to Action for Tennessee Citizens

Everybody that calls Tennessee their home state needs to watch the Joint Study Commission broadcast tomorrow. During this hearing, which begins tomorrow at 2:30 PM, members of the committee will be having their first full meeting where testimony will be presented. Not just the members giving their statements, like Senator Gardenhire’s doubling-down on his positionContinue reading “Call to Action for Tennessee Citizens”

Poor Stewardship

Click the link and check out the U.S. Debt Clock. This is because the usurpers in Washington, DC are spending our sweat equity, now and for all future generations, with abandon. They are not good stewards of our resources as they are supposed to be. U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time (