First Law of Nature

Why do the usurpers attack the Second Amendment and wish it never existed in the first place? People with critical thinking skills understand the why. Great read for those that cannot see the reason why. Read the article –

Some animals are more equal than others

So, the Executive Branch of our Federal Government is flagging “problematic” posts on the world’s largest social media platform (with Facebook’s assistance) to counter what government deems is misinformation? Proof positive that the usurpers in Washington, DC do not care about the Constitution. In fact, they hate it so much they will conspire with powerfulContinue reading “Some animals are more equal than others”

Special Announcement

The podcast will have a special guest for tomorrow’s episode. John Harris, the Executive Director of the Tennessee Firearms Association, Inc., will be on for a discussion about the Second Amendment and how it is integral to maintaining our Liberty. Please checkout their website – Tennessee Firearms Association – Tennessee Firearms Association The Tennessee FirearmsContinue reading “Special Announcement”