Liberal Tennessee City Mayors HATE citizens

The attached article shows just where their loyalties lie, and it is not with the legal citizens they are elected to represent, but with the people that entered this country illegally and drain our sweat equity, via the usurpers in elected office. Article – Mayors of three major Tennessee cities join call to pass immigrationContinue reading “Liberal Tennessee City Mayors HATE citizens”

Give the podcast a listen and share

I’d like for the followers of the website, social media pages, and the podcast to not only listen but to share it as well. It is available on multiple platforms. The show’s home is on Anchor. On the show’s homepage you can also choose to financially support the work we do here > BreakerContinue reading “Give the podcast a listen and share”

Punish the non-aristocrats

Daily there is more evidence that major news media organizations support the crushing of those that work for the cause of liberty and our Republic’s founding principles. In the past, it was not so brazen. They couldn’t come out and openly declare war on those that did not have the same viewpoint as themselves. TheyContinue reading “Punish the non-aristocrats”

Journalism or Advocacy?

Just scroll through the images below and you be the judge. We the People need to wake up to the fact that nearly every “journalism” outfit hates liberty and will push an agenda that enables the usurpers in every state’s capitol and Washington, DC erode our liberties. It is never “the story”, but always “aContinue reading “Journalism or Advocacy?”

Freedom Summit Recap

In tomorrow morning’s episode of the podcast I will recap most of the information shared at the Tennessee Freedom Summit this past Saturday. After attending al I can say is that there needs to be more events like these all over the country. Where we can collaborate with fellow liberty loving citizens to restore ourContinue reading “Freedom Summit Recap”

Family and Neighbor Plan

No, this is not a cell phone plan. This is a plan by what used to be considered the premier law enforcement agency on the planet, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to create “snitches” all over the country. Read the article below. After I read it, I am thinking to myself that some of myContinue reading “Family and Neighbor Plan”

Judicial Fiat? Despotism of an Oligarchy

After reading the article linked below, consider this quote from one of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, when talkin about courts – wrote “The true barriers of our liberty are our state governments” and “to consider the judges of the Superior Court (U. S. Supreme Court) as the ultimate arbiters of constitutional questions would beContinue reading “Judicial Fiat? Despotism of an Oligarchy”

Call to Action for Tennessee Citizens

Everybody that calls Tennessee their home state needs to watch the Joint Study Commission broadcast tomorrow. During this hearing, which begins tomorrow at 2:30 PM, members of the committee will be having their first full meeting where testimony will be presented. Not just the members giving their statements, like Senator Gardenhire’s doubling-down on his positionContinue reading “Call to Action for Tennessee Citizens”