Punish the non-aristocrats

Daily there is more evidence that major news media organizations support the crushing of those that work for the cause of liberty and our Republic’s founding principles. In the past, it was not so brazen. They couldn’t come out and openly declare war on those that did not have the same viewpoint as themselves. They had to work hard to lend themselves a veneer of unbiased news reporting. Now? Well they don’t hide it anymore. Take a look at this screenshot from an internet headline on 16 July 2021.

In essence, they are advertising a list of companies to be cancelled. This is out even after the reports of fraudulent certifications of elections in AZ and GA. With WI and PA on the way too. Conservative news outlets need to start putting out a “List of News Organizations That Continue to Support the Results of a Fraudulent Election” so that people know where NOT to get their news from.

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