Weekend Update – 10 July 2021

The weekend update drops at 5:00 AM tomorrow morning. I will be on the road to the Tennessee Freedom Summit hosted by Tennessee Conservative News when it goes live. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be joining with these fellow Patriots. I touch on the following topics for the morning update: LiberalContinue reading “Weekend Update – 10 July 2021”

Servant Leader

I had a great hour plus long conversation with John Gentry. What a phenomenal person! He exudes servant leadership in his quest to return power in our country to its rightful place – with we the people. If you get a chance, you can check him out on Facebook – (1) John Gentry Candidate forContinue reading “Servant Leader”

Poor Stewardship

Click the link and check out the U.S. Debt Clock. This is because the usurpers in Washington, DC are spending our sweat equity, now and for all future generations, with abandon. They are not good stewards of our resources as they are supposed to be. U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time (usdebtclock.org)

Tennessee Freedom Summit Information

Stand in the Arena Event: TENNESSEE FREEDOM SUMMITDate: July 10, 2021Time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pmLocation: 298 Brymer Creek Rd, McDonald, TN 37353 Link: Tennessee Freedom Summit What We’re About: The Tennessee Freedom Summit gathers together Conservative patriots and organizational leaders from all over the state with the aim of equipping them to effectively advocateContinue reading “Tennessee Freedom Summit Information”

Joint Committee to “study” refugees (RKA illegal aliens)

The organizational meeting starts today. Below is the link to tune in so we can watch in real time as the usurpers in Nashville waste time, effort, and our sweat equity not solving the problem. They could easily solve the problem by asserting the state’s role as the parent of the federal government and tellContinue reading “Joint Committee to “study” refugees (RKA illegal aliens)”

Convention of States

Sharing this website again – COSAction (conventionofstates.com) Fifteen (15) states so far have passed a resolution calling for a Convention of States, with active legislation in seventeen (17) other states. Additionally, a resolution has passed in at least one chamber of the legislature in nine (9) other states. If you are a listener to theContinue reading “Convention of States”

State & Federal Malfeasance in Knoxville

Well, Tennessee Governor Lee’s ineptness and the Sniffer-in-Chief’s border crisis has made it to my backyard in East Tennessee. In addition to the reports coming out of Chattanooga, we now have local media reporting on the same activity happening at Knoxville’s airport. Our Governor is failing in his most basic duty of protecting the rightsContinue reading “State & Federal Malfeasance in Knoxville”

More Liberal Hypocrisy on Display

Democrat Congresswoman Norma Torres of California recently made news on gun control. Here is the article – California Congresswoman Says She Sleeps with a Gun Nearby After Pushing Back on El Salvador’s President (msn.com). She understands the ability of a tyrannical government (in this case a foreign government) to incite and inflict damage. She hasContinue reading “More Liberal Hypocrisy on Display”