More Liberal Hypocrisy on Display

Democrat Congresswoman Norma Torres of California recently made news on gun control. Here is the article – California Congresswoman Says She Sleeps with a Gun Nearby After Pushing Back on El Salvador’s President ( She understands the ability of a tyrannical government (in this case a foreign government) to incite and inflict damage. She has wisely chosen to defend herself.

While I certainly applaud her decision to maintain a firearm for personal protection, what do you think her voting record is with regards to common sense gun control? Of course, I’ll provide some light reading for you about her views and votes. Here is a link – Norma Torres on Gun Control (

Yep, she wants to limit the ability for other citizens to purchase firearms for their personal protection. Remember, liberalism is a mental disorder. The Democrats are the party of “Rules for Thee, Not for Me!”

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