Rule of Law or “Feelings”

Of course the rule of law never fits the Democrat/Liberal plans. Especially since it is Orange Man Bad. From the Hill – Chicago owes Trump $1M tax refund, state’s attorney mounts legal challenge ( From Business Insider – Trump is owed a $1 million tax refund for his Chicago skyscraper but local officials are tryingContinue reading “Rule of Law or “Feelings””

Mandatory Ineffectiveness?

One would think the title of this blog post refers to Congress. In a roundabout way it could. However, I am referring to a recent Washington Post (of all places) article. Some accidental journalism. Tell me again why the poke is going to be made mandatory?


Forwarding information from America ‘s For Prosperity about the crusty old socialist’s “infrastructure” plan. Redefining words, artful lies, to steal our sweat equity and erode our liberty. Senator Bernie Sanders’ new “infrastructure” proposal is a direct threat to your family’s health care. That’s why we launched a new campaign to push back against his healthContinue reading “Infrastructure????”

The CDC is just following the science, right?????

Ask yourself that question again after reading this – If the actual rules were followed the experimental jabs will never receive full approval because there are proven, effective alternatives. As we have learned over the course of the past 19 months though the CDV, FDA, and many others don’t follow the rules or theContinue reading “The CDC is just following the science, right?????”

Latest news on CDC guidance

Well, disturbing news about the basis of the CDC’s latest guidance on wearing masks. It was based upon a study conducted in India, on participants that had received a vaccine that is not administered in the USA. It was initially rejected in peer review, but that status has now changed. Hmmmmmm This is not, andContinue reading “Latest news on CDC guidance”

More drivel

While most Americans no longer read the absolute garbage that is found fit to print in the New York Times this “guest essay” is demonstrative of what is. This type of thinking, and writing, has firmly entrenched itself in the Democrat Party. It is an example of what we, as citizens, are up against everyday.Continue reading “More drivel”