Critical Race Theory Info

The Critical Race Theory has gained much attention in recent weeks, A parent in Virginia was arrested for voicing his opposition to this indoctrination material being taught to his children. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has endorsed it being taught at West Point, an Admiral supports it being taught to Members ofContinue reading “Critical Race Theory Info”

Still searching for the peak?

Just when you have grown comfortable in believing we have reached peak stupidity, some liberal will tell you to “hold my beer…..” If your worldview is only seen through the lens of “racism”, you will find it in everything. Take for instance this article – Washington Post reporter troubled by ‘racist legacy’ of some birdsContinue reading “Still searching for the peak?”

More Liberal Hypocrisy on Display

Democrat Congresswoman Norma Torres of California recently made news on gun control. Here is the article – California Congresswoman Says She Sleeps with a Gun Nearby After Pushing Back on El Salvador’s President ( She understands the ability of a tyrannical government (in this case a foreign government) to incite and inflict damage. She hasContinue reading “More Liberal Hypocrisy on Display”