Still searching for the peak?

Just when you have grown comfortable in believing we have reached peak stupidity, some liberal will tell you to “hold my beer…..”

If your worldview is only seen through the lens of “racism”, you will find it in everything. Take for instance this article – Washington Post reporter troubled by ‘racist legacy’ of some birds | Fox News

Apparently some “woke” reporter, or journalist, believes that the naming of bird species is somehow a racist legacy. Well, we know that anybody that has the title of journalist in our society today is automatically suspect. True journalism in our Republic died when the journalists decided to become the enablers of the usurpers of our liberty. So, by that same logic all Socialists can be labeled, or tied to, a murderous legacy. Every Socialist nation in the world has had to murder freedom loving people in order to obtain, and maintain power.

Start using their logic against them. Every time some woke liberal who really loves Socialism and wants to force us all to live under that system calls you a racist, or a bird racist, throw back the term murderer at them. It most likely will not have an impact or change the way they think because liberalism is a mental disorder.

Stand in the Arena and fight back!

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