You might be a …….

Watching television tonight reminded me of those Jeff Foxworthy jokes about how you might be a redneck if…

The shows running in the background while Denise and I are assisting Kaley with some wedding planning is Louisiana Law on Animal Planet. If you are unaware of the program it follows state government agents in various parishes around the state enforcing fish and game laws. It is very entertaining until you see the true irony.

You see, the first thing these law enforcement agents do when they engage with citizens (sometimes their status is questionable) is ask for their fishing or hunting license.

Hilarious and tragically sad at the same time. I am not sure about every one of the 50 states in our Republic, but it is possibly a universal requirement that an individual must be in possession of a form of identification to fish. Yet in exercising one of our most basic, fundamental rights – that of choosing our elected representatives – requiring identification is racist. It is called voter suppression by liberals and democrats. Why? To stay in power by encouraging fraud. Simple.

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