Forwarding information from America ‘s For Prosperity about the crusty old socialist’s “infrastructure” plan. Redefining words, artful lies, to steal our sweat equity and erode our liberty.

Senator Bernie Sanders’ new “infrastructure” proposal is a direct threat to your family’s health care. That’s why we launched a new campaign to push back against his health care heist. Stop the Health Care Heist Most of Senator Sanders’ plan has absolutely nothing to do with roads, bridges or other infrastructure. Instead, his plan would dedicate more than half a trillion dollars to a government takeover of your health care.

Among the components of this government takeover are: 

  • Subsidy giveaways to big insurance companies,
  • Medicare expansion, further straining a financially unstable program, 
  • Bribes for states to expand Medicaid, 
  • Welfare for the wealthy, by making them eligible for subsidized insurance,
  • Allowing government to tell you what medications you can take
  • And much, much more.

Seriously, this is what the senator considers an “infrastructure” proposal.

I encourage you to tell your lawmakers to oppose Senator Bernie Sanders’ health care heist.

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