Sensitive Content?

Covering photos willy nilly, huh. Take a look at the series of screenshots I am attaching to this post. Then ask yourself why would it be considered sensitive content? Well, it wouldn’t be to normal people, but to the “guardians against misinformation” it might be. Heck, not might. It is sensitive and provides more evidenceContinue reading “Sensitive Content?”

Yes, even the Executive Branch had their thumbs on the scale during the 2020 election

Just read the article. How much speculation and reporting was there about Don Trump Junior’s meetings with Russia, Russia, Russia? Read the read article –

Well, well, well

While this may be too late to unring the bell as there does not seem to be a constitutional remedy (the Congress and the Vice President failed to do their duty as the final check on a fraudulent election) and coupled with the news coming out of AZ. It will be a good start to:Continue reading “Well, well, well”