Research Like Crazy

I will be sharing a couple of links in this post. The title references an article written in Salon dot com by Amanda Marcotte. In the article she claims the phrase “research like crazy” is common anti-vaxx rhetoric. Only to a liberal so-called “journalist”, and the liberal media company that employs her would encouraging peopleContinue reading “Research Like Crazy”

Take A Stand

Do not comply with these ridiculous “mandates” and “pledges”. Additionally, if the requirement was not in place when you purchased tickets, fill up small claims court with claims against the tyrants and enablers. Article –

Big Snap Contributor

Funny how they won’t release the names of the companies charging employees extra for not get an EXPERIMENTAL, EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION medication that has proven to be ineffective. The leadership of these businesses, along with leadership of major media organizations in this country made need a Pinochet style helicopter ride. Actions such as these willContinue reading “Big Snap Contributor”

Democrats aren’t the only tyrants

Attached you will find Tennessee Governor Bill Lee’s latest executive order. Bending the knee to maintain federal compliance. Really? Or how about this removal of due process: 14. Telephone assessments for involuntary commitment cases are permitted. The provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 33-4-108, are hereby suspended to the extent necessary to allow the issuanceContinue reading “Democrats aren’t the only tyrants”

Spot on analogy

Credit: Seth Keshel. The same applies to every state in the union. @TNGOP Tale 1: You go to the doctor for a checkup. A lab tech takes a blood sample and a few days later, the doctor calls you up and says that while your general health outlook appears stable, you have a few labContinue reading “Spot on analogy”

Call to Action

For all of my followers, I ask this question this morning on the morning update. As I consider throwing my hat in the ring for elected office, what are your top 3 priorities or expectations you have for elected officials? Also, what do you think the role of government is, and what it isn’t? SendContinue reading “Call to Action”

Public Comments Ending Soon

Sharing from the Tennessee Eagle Forum The draft of the proposed “Prohibited Concepts in Public Instruction Rule” was posted online for public comment on Monday, August 2. It is attached to this post. Members of the public can weigh in through Wednesday, August 11. Among some observations — what will you see??The rule limits complaints to students,Continue reading “Public Comments Ending Soon”