Take A Stand

Do not comply with these ridiculous “mandates” and “pledges”. Additionally, if the requirement was not in place when you purchased tickets, fill up small claims court with claims against the tyrants and enablers. Article – https://tennesseeconservativenews.com/concert-promoter-discriminates-against-covid-19-survivors-with-natural-immunity/

Big Snap Contributor

Funny how they won’t release the names of the companies charging employees extra for not get an EXPERIMENTAL, EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION medication that has proven to be ineffective. The leadership of these businesses, along with leadership of major media organizations in this country made need a Pinochet style helicopter ride. Actions such as these willContinue reading “Big Snap Contributor”

Birds of a Feather

If the media and Democrat party insist on painting certain people based upon their associations with other people, it needs to be applied equally, right? So, birds of a feather flock together right? Look at the photographs. Focus on Ed Buck. Look him up. See how comfortable he is in the photographs with Adam Schiff,Continue reading “Birds of a Feather”