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Despite the Tennessee Assembly passing legislation to ban CRT from being taught in Tennessee’s public (government) schools, enforcement is left up to Tennessee Education Commissioner. Read the attached article and then ask yourself where her loyalties lay. Are they with Tennessee, or are they elsewhere? Article – https://tennesseestar.com/2021/07/07/tennessee-education-commissioner-8-million-contract-with-company-where-husband-works-has-ceo-that-supports-critical-race-theory-anti-racist-teaching/

New episode released

We do not have a “free press”. We have an advocate press providing millions of dollars worth of in-kind contributions to one political party. Stand by for the heavy rolls that will come from Pelosi’s January 6 Select Committee. Capitol Police expanding to cities nationwide is just a harbinger of things to come.

Mis-use of Taxpayer Funds

Well, if you are a resident of Tennessee, try and guess the newest way elected officials are using our tax dollars. Governor Lee started his program, titled “Tennessee on Me”, will provide tourists a $250 airline voucher to people that will travel to Tennessee’s largest cities and stays a minimum of two nights. Isn’t thatContinue reading “Mis-use of Taxpayer Funds”

New Episode Tomorrow

The latest episode covering lies drops tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM. Be sure and listen. Lies by omission from a supposedly “free” press; lies by government officials to steal our #sweatequity; and the artful lies of legislation and resolutions passed by Congress. Share with your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Tomorrow is the last dayContinue reading “New Episode Tomorrow”

Critical Race Theory Info

The Critical Race Theory has gained much attention in recent weeks, A parent in Virginia was arrested for voicing his opposition to this indoctrination material being taught to his children. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has endorsed it being taught at West Point, an Admiral supports it being taught to Members ofContinue reading “Critical Race Theory Info”

U.S. Government aided invasion

Just thought I would share this clip from Tucker Carlson. It is probably one of the reasons why our NSA is actively spying on him. Do not forget, individual state governors have the ability, authority, and RESPONSIBILITY to prevent this from happening within the borders of their states. They are either coerced or complicit.

Lies, Lies, and more Lies

So, I am relaxing at home and gathering thoughts and notes for next Wednesday’s podcast. Of course the topic this week will be lies. We’ve covered a few ways the aristocracy and the media lie to us so far. This week we will cover the initial lies the aristocracy tell us. Those come in theContinue reading “Lies, Lies, and more Lies”