Follow the science

Unless, of course, it is science that impacts the government’s and its media enablers’ ability to sell fear and gain control. Why are their government entities not using all the science available? Always ask the why people. Read the below article and judge for yourself. Article –

A Reminder

Just reminding everybody about the hypocrisy of the man trying to force experimental, emergency use authorization medication on you as well as putting masks on children all over the country. Oh, he has lied to Congress and us, and is making large sums of money off of the misery helped create. One year ago heContinue reading “A Reminder”

Yes, even the Executive Branch had their thumbs on the scale during the 2020 election

Just read the article. How much speculation and reporting was there about Don Trump Junior’s meetings with Russia, Russia, Russia? Read the read article –

Well, well, well

While this may be too late to unring the bell as there does not seem to be a constitutional remedy (the Congress and the Vice President failed to do their duty as the final check on a fraudulent election) and coupled with the news coming out of AZ. It will be a good start to:Continue reading “Well, well, well”

Lies, Lies, and more Lies

So, I am relaxing at home and gathering thoughts and notes for next Wednesday’s podcast. Of course the topic this week will be lies. We’ve covered a few ways the aristocracy and the media lie to us so far. This week we will cover the initial lies the aristocracy tell us. Those come in theContinue reading “Lies, Lies, and more Lies”