There is no doubt journalism is dead

Time magazine’s new cover is proof positive. As if the dementia-riddled, father of a criminal crack addict, beholden to the CCP could possibly stand up to any foreign leader. In order to prop up the usurper they helped to elect this is what they came up with: Most Americans, not the 81 million phantom votersContinue reading “There is no doubt journalism is dead”

Lies, Lies, and more Lies

An interesting article. Notice how the narrative has changed. It has only changed because there is a different occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The usurpers, the aristocracy and their media handlers count on the electorate’s apathy to not notice their shift on this story. – Biden and Bowser administrations change their tunes on last summer’sContinue reading “Lies, Lies, and more Lies”

Happy Birthday

On this date in 1796, the great state of Tennessee was admitted into the union as the 16th state of the United States of America. In my church’s men’s ministry breakfast this morning we were discussing our great state, especially the area in which I live. We are truly blessed to live in an areaContinue reading “Happy Birthday”

Convention of States

Sharing this website again – COSAction ( Fifteen (15) states so far have passed a resolution calling for a Convention of States, with active legislation in seventeen (17) other states. Additionally, a resolution has passed in at least one chamber of the legislature in nine (9) other states. If you are a listener to theContinue reading “Convention of States”

State & Federal Malfeasance in Knoxville

Well, Tennessee Governor Lee’s ineptness and the Sniffer-in-Chief’s border crisis has made it to my backyard in East Tennessee. In addition to the reports coming out of Chattanooga, we now have local media reporting on the same activity happening at Knoxville’s airport. Our Governor is failing in his most basic duty of protecting the rightsContinue reading “State & Federal Malfeasance in Knoxville”

More Liberal Hypocrisy on Display

Democrat Congresswoman Norma Torres of California recently made news on gun control. Here is the article – California Congresswoman Says She Sleeps with a Gun Nearby After Pushing Back on El Salvador’s President ( She understands the ability of a tyrannical government (in this case a foreign government) to incite and inflict damage. She hasContinue reading “More Liberal Hypocrisy on Display”