There is no doubt journalism is dead

Time magazine’s new cover is proof positive. As if the dementia-riddled, father of a criminal crack addict, beholden to the CCP could possibly stand up to any foreign leader. In order to prop up the usurper they helped to elect this is what they came up with:

Most Americans, not the 81 million phantom voters know that if Time wanted to report truth and reality, this would be their next magazine cover:

The usurpers and their media handlers will always lie to obtain and maintain power.

One thought on “There is no doubt journalism is dead

  1. The powers of the media with economic interests, hatred against something or someone that they do not like because they did not do to favor them in their private interests or whims, with political ideological biases that have nothing to do with making a strong and reliable state, etc. etc. . This type of communication media is a very bad influence for ordinary people and makes ordinary people, when they are psychologically vulnerable, fall into anything, as a consequence of this is the state as a whole who is seriously injured and injured. That kind of journalism is not journalism.

    A hug

    Daniel Pedro Jesús brother project of missions for the American Union.

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