Sad, yet here we are

As I have told the audience before I follow legislation that is being considered at the state and federal level. I have even set up alerts to get notified when the elected officials for my state and federal districts sponsor or co-sponsor any bill in their respective chambers of government. It is easy to do and I encourage every citizen to do the same thing so we can all be aware of what these representatives are doing IN OUR NAME it state and federal legislative bodies.

Well, today I received the notification that my federal representative signed on as a co-sponsor of the following bill –

The bill is titled “Protecting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Act of 2021”

While a noble pursuit, it is sad that our elected officials have to introduce legislation like that. We previously discussed the U.S. House of Representatives rules that state every bill must have a Constitutional Authority Statement attached to every piece of legislation introduced in that chamber. Can you guess what part of the Constitution authorizes this piece of legislation? Of course, it is the Second Amendment.
is it not laughable that they must pass a law to reinforce an already Constitutionally protected, inalienable right? This is what our Republic has been reduced to. We pay taxes in order for our elected representatives to engage in this activity. Passing a law that states what the Second Amendment already states. We need to start from scratch with nearly everybody in DC, don’t you think?

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