Body Sovereignty

Just which party is all about “my body, my choice”? Well, apparently the Democrat Party is about “my body, my choice” when it involves killing the unborn – which is actually a body that isn’t allowed to speak in its own defense. However, when it comes to turning over the sovereignty over our own bodies to the government, they are completely on board. Attached is House Joint Resolution 67, introduced in Congress in opposition to certain medication mandates. Not one Democrat signed on to co-sponsor this bill. NOT A SINGLE ONE. After four years of listening to the Democrat Party and their sycophant followers call every conservative a fascist, just look at their position on body sovereignty.

People all over this Republic need to wake up to the evil that has taken over our government, at all levels. This IS the most important fight of our time. If we succumb to this, we abdicate to government all control over every one of our self-evident, inalienable, God-given rights – allowing the Constitution to become nothing more than a relic.

Reveille – It is time to wake up!

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