Better Late than Never

Finally put the finishing edits on this week’s episode that was delayed by my surgery yesterday. Thank you to all the followers that reached out to me. Recovery is moving along, slowly but surely.

In this episode I take Tennessee Lieutenant Governor McNally, my state Senator Art Swann and the cabal of Transpublican Senators that are refusing to call a special session of the General Assembly to task for their inaction, violating Article I Section 2 of the Tennessee Constitution and their oaths of office.

I also address how I am seeking to represent Tennessee’s 12 House District as the true conservative servant-leader in the 2022 election. Be sure and tune in. Also, if you have the means please contribute to my campaign via Venmo. My handle there is @Larry-For-TN12

#libertyleadershipandlies #shallnotbeinfringed #secondamendment #liberty #leadership #lies #usurpers #newaristocrats #standinthearena #sweatequity #freedom #askthewhy #liberalismisamentaldisorder #ourgovernmenthatesus #remember13 #rightofconscience #norprohibitthefreeexercisethereof #LarryforTN12 #servantleader #conservative

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