Call to Action

I shared this earlier but am now asking the followers and listeners to take action.

Everybody needs to do a deep dive on the Congressman, Ritchie Torres, D-NY-15 and look into a couple of things.

First, see if he or his campaign has received donations from the experimental jab manufacturers. That is questionable financial activity all by itself.

What may be criminal though, and you can find through his financial disclosures, is if he is invested in any of the manufacturers.

Passing a law that rewards him financially requires he be removed from Congress. The same thing applies to any elected official that has investments in those manufacturers. Using the force of the government for their financial benefit is highly unethical.

I’ll be doing a deep dive myself and will share the results of what I find. You all should do the same. Share it far and wide with everyone you know. There is always a “why” behind their actions. Four reasons for unethical behavior. S.P.A.M. (Sex / Power / Alcohol (or drugs) / Money).

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