Election Audits and the Way Forward

I see a lot of people online celebrating these election audits that are happening all over the country. I too celebrate them, but for a different reason.

I am celebrating them because citizens are realizing that the aristocracy will stoop to new lows all the time to deprive us of our liberty, and committing fraud in elections is just one of many ways they accomplish this. It is about time “We the People” take a stand to hold them accountable.

My fears though are these – This movement will not continue in the long-term. Our electorate will return to the apathy that has gripped our Republic for generations. Also, while fraud may be proven in many states, what is the Constitutional remedy? More, protracted lawsuits where the true winner will be left with little time to undo the damage that has been done?

It is time for all of us citizen-sovereigns to fully regain control of our governments and only put in place those people that will truly be servant leaders in their elected office. It is time for all of us citizen-sovereigns to accept responsibility for what happened to our form of government and take steps to never allow it to happen again.

Stand in the arena to restore our Constitutional Republic where all governmental power is derived from “We the People!”

Reveille! It is time to wake up!

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