Multiple Orders of Effect of Illegal Immigration

I mentioned on the podcast update this morning that there are many different effects illegal immigration has on the citizens of the United States of America. These are just a few of the obvious ones that can be seen and measured.

The first order effect of these actions and invasion is that our federal government must steal our sweat equity from us so the many federal agencies involved can feed, clothe, house, and transport these illegal aliens all over the United States. Our state and federal governments do not generate income. All monies they spend must first be obtained from you and I in the form of taxes and fees.

The second order effect of illegal immigration that has bearing right now is that as we are trying to economically recover from the scam-demic, the job market will be flooded with individuals quite willing to work for lower wages, under the table, not paying taxes on like the rest of the law-abiding citizens of our Republic. In other words, our sweat equity is stolen from us to enable people here illegally to further drain our sweat equity in the form of higher costs of health care and education.

The third order effect of this invasion is that now our children are exposed to diseases that at one point were eradicated in the United States of America but are quite prevalent in the parts of the world these illegal aliens are coming from. As local, state and the federal government entities, as well as woke businesses across the fruited plain, are contemplating requiring legal citizens to provide proof of vaccination to conduct business or just return to normal life, they are working in earnest to place unimmunized children among our own, risking their life. If you think the COVID vaccination is about health, think about the government placing unvaccinated children in classrooms and playgrounds all over America with your children.

So far, we have listed costs in terms of our sweat equity, costs in terms of lost revenue, and costs in terms of our health. What other costs may there be? How about the cost of one of your most basic rights here in our Constitutional Republic? We have heard about this over and over every election cycle. How Republicans and Conservatives are attempting to disenfranchise certain segments of our country with laws meant to protect the integrity of one person, one vote.

After all, proving you are who you say you are must somehow disenfranchise certain voters – like dead people, or actual citizens. Anyway, the fourth order effect of illegal immigration is that it dilutes the votes of actual, legal citizens – especially if there is no way to control proof of identity and residency. Actual law-abiding, legal citizens of our Republic will be disenfranchised by the potential votes of millions of illegal aliens, with increasingly more being brought into our country every day.

If anybody on the left thought about this logically, which we know they cannot do very well, they would realize they are enabling the death of our Republic by creating a voting majority of people that entered this country illegally to get the “free stuff” in the first place. When they control the votes how much more “free stuff” will they and their supporters in the Aristocracy vote for in the future? We already know there is no end to what the Left will do to obtain and maintain power. Even though in the end it will force them from positions of power in the halls of government by the very people, and their descendants, they imported into our Republic.

Like cancer in the human body starts small, with just a few cells, it ends up killing the body. Growing out of control and metastasizing to multiple organs, the result is the same – death.

What started as just a few cases of amnesty, has now grown to a point of population replacement. Our liberty being taken from us by a population, for whatever reason, that ignored the laws of our nation to make a better life for themselves. I am sure that bank robbers think they are justified in their theft by convincing themselves that breaking the law will make their life better. There is no difference here (unless you are a liberal). Laws were broken and liberty was stolen no matter the justification. To make a better life for themselves they are, with the help of our own government, making life harder for legal citizens. Not to mention the people (legal immigrants) that are following the law to make a better life for themselves.

We could go on and on how illegal aliens how a negative impact on citizens, but I would encourage you all to do the research on your own. Educate yourselves and stand in the arena and fight to reclaim our birthright!

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