Listen and watch closely, they will tell you the truth

With the recent news about the Biden administration secretly flying illegal aliens all over the country and dropping them off in communities, the illegal immigration battle is coming front and center again. What is astonishing is that some American citizens support the dissolving of our Republic as a sovereign nation by enabling this activity. I recently looked up the webpage of one of the groups here in Tennessee that advocates for this lawless behavior. I have provided a picture below of what their page looks likes. After looking at the photo, tell me what do you see?

Right there in the center is group holding a banner that actually tells you the truth of what they want. “Tomorrow We Vote”. Advocacy groups and liberal/democrat administrations are doing this for one purpose only. To dilute the vote of citizens to gain power and control over the electorate. This is sickening and evil. If your elected representatives at the local, state, or federal level supports illegal immigration in any shape or form, they need to be voted out before they completely destroy our Constitutional Republic.

It is also time for the citizen-sovereigns of this great Republic to seek out the organizations that are working to undermine our nation and dilute our voting rights with this massive influx of illegal aliens and shut them down. Run them out of town. Do not do business with them or any of their benefactors and donors. Stand in the Arena!

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