Money in politics

An interesting discussion was had recently. When talking about political campaigns and people running for office the topic of “there is too much money in politics” always comes up in some form or fashion. While I agree, it may not be in the way one thinks. Before we get into the money, understand that my position on political speech (which I voluntarily contribute) is free speech, a Constitutionally protected, God given right.

By some estimates the money spent in the 2020 election cycle is the most ever recorded. Almost $14 billion was spent on campaigns during the election cycle. Wow, that is an awful lot of money isn’t it. It can serve as an incentive for one to get into politics don’t you think? There is money to be had in running for office.

Let’s compare two different amounts of money though shall we? How does $14 billion compare to $3.3 trillion? It is 235 times the amount of campaign money raised and spent during the election cycle. Would you spend $14 billion in order to control $3.3 trillion? That is some great ROI there.

Well, the $3.3 trillion dollars is the expected individual income and payroll tax receipts the federal government is expected to receive in fiscal year 2021. That amount does not include tariffs, corporate taxes, estate taxes, excise taxes, Federal Reserve revenue sources, etc. Just income and payroll taxes. That is a whole lot of American sweat equity there. That is a whole lot of our liberty.

So, the biggest source of money in politics is our individual sweat equity. If you want to get money out of politics, quit supporting politicians that are hell bent on spending paltry sums of money to gain control of huge sums of money. Campaign contributions pale in comparison to the amount of money the aristocracy controls, and wants to increase through higher taxes.

If you want to get money out of politics, decrease the amount of money the aristocracy controls through supporting those people that work to ensure we get to keep more of our sweat equity, our liberty.

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