Sharing a Message from a Patriot

Fellow Patriots,

Please click on the link at the bottom of the page to hear some amazing gun ownership statistics. Do not think for a minute that the gun grabbers in Washington are not aware of this information. They are not interested in SAVING lives. They are interested in CONTROLLING lives. 

If you want your children to know the America that you grew up in then you must become familiar with H.R. 1, 8, 1446, the 1619 Project, Critical Race Theory, etc. And it is not enough to become familiar with these issues. We must be vocal, active, well organized and committed to our founding documents. Rest assured, our 1st Amendment is equally as important as the 2nd Amendment. We need to exercise it and speak out regarding our God given rights.

It is critical (speaking of critical) that we communicate with our friends and family all over the country. Do not assume that there are other organizations as concerned as we are. There may be, but the more the better. The better organized the more influence we will have and the more effective we will be.

We will do our best to provide you with as much information as possible on important issues, as we become aware of them.

Sonny Coane, Chairman 

Constitutional Conservatives TN

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