More Two-Tiered Justice

Lastest Blog Post – Another Example of Two-Tiered Justice

Another fine example of the two-tiered justice system in what is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic in an article I just read. For far too long know the ruling elite have established and expanded upon a two-tiered system of justice in our nation. Let’s just cite a few examples:

Case #1 – U.S. Navy Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier and Hillary Clinton – mishandling of classified material.

Case #2 – President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – mishandling of classified material, one went to prison and the other was nominated by a major political party as their presidential candidate.

Case #3 – Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson and Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd – after shooting an unarmed person.

Case #4 – Donald J. Trump Jr and Hunter Biden – (court of public opinion)

Case #5 – Justice Roy Moore and President Joe Biden (court of public opinion)

Case #6 – Alexander Vindman and Michael Flynn (both court of public opinion and court of law)

And on and on it goes. Anybody that has an (R) after their name receives vastly more hostile treatment both in the press and in our court system, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that justice is not blind in our nation.

The go-to “Never Trump” or “Anti-Trump” judge is at it again. Read the article here – Judge Finds Trump Stepped Outside Presidential Immunity With 2020 Subversion (

When our justice system appears to bend over backwards to protect the usurpers of liberty in public office and their allies in the private sector, you know our Constitutional Republic is on the wrong track. This has been accomplished because “We the People” have not exercised our sovereignty over all three branches of the federal government, and have not held our state governments accountable for their designed purpose of standing in the gap between the federal government and the people.

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