It (sort of) Happened Again

Another sign taken down. This time it was thrown on the side of the road and the posts to put it in the ground were taken. Cannot blame this on the wind. When the sign is there but the metal posts to put it in the ground were gone, that would be a very “selective” wind. The kind of selectiveness that only comes from supporters of my rival’s campaign.

While I am very appreciative of my rival denouncing this type of behavior, it seems like not everyone got his message. Well, maybe. Since the sign was not stolen, the message on how that would be a crime did get through, hence the condition I found it in (video attached).

This is what happens when people cannot understand respectful debate and they resort to criminality in order to support their position. Yes, it is still a criminal act to take parts of a political campaign sign.

I would like to encourage the people responsible for this behavior – theft and destruction of campaign signs – to come forward and engage in polite, political discourse. We all know that will never happen though. This is what happens when people either value friendship over liberty, or they want to continue supporting members of the political parties that are destroying our Republic, or they are just plain thugs that are incapable of civility or politeness.

I would also like to encourage #SevierCountySheriff to keep an eye out for this theft and destruction. There should not be anybody putting up or taking down my signs (the ones not on private property) other than myself.
























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