Not Again!

Yes folks, it happened again last night. No, campaign signs were not stolen (that I know of yet this morning). Hear me out though.

What happened was another discussion about friendship versus liberty. I’ll explain a bit more, but you should also listen to the podcast episode where I talk about further.

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I attended this month’s Constitutional Conservatives of Tennessee at the Sevier County Court House last night. A wonderful presentation was delivered by Mrs Aundrea Gomez from Citizens for Renewing America.

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If you want to find a way to stand in the arena and save our Constitutional Republic, Citizens for Renewing America is another fantastic place to start.

Anyway, after the presentation was over an older (meaning older than me) gentleman came up to ask me some questions about the bit of campaign information I provided to people in attendance prior to the meeting. After a bit of cordial back and forth, this man revealed to me that he was an old friend of my rival in the race to represent the 12th District in the State House of Representatives. I am sure most of my regular audience knows what happened next.

I said to the gentleman, “Let me ask you a question first before we go any further. Will friendship protect your liberty?” To which the man replied, “Of course not.” My general follow up questions then happened. All of which you can listen to in the podcast. Then we discussed the main purpose of government as stated in the Declaration of Independence – governments are instituted to secure the peoples’ liberty. When we the people allow them to pick winners, be they institutional or economic, that means government is also picking losers. You cannot have a winner without a loser. Picking winners and losers also means that government is not performing its function of securing the peoples’s liberty. A situation that is far too common today because “We the People” have allowed all levels of government to operate outside its constitutionally limited box.

So, after that discussion, his answers to my questions were nearly always, “You’re right.” Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for all of us to step up, climb into the arena, and take the stand that puts government back into it’s primary role. To no longer allow it to pick winners and losers through the use of our sweat equity.

Will you take that stand in the arena this election cycle and send someone to Nashville to remind the rest of our General Assembly what their primary function is? Will you send someone to Nashville that will fight against the unconstitutional picking of winners and losers in our state? I pray that you will and I promise that I will do everything possible to do those things.

Stand in the Arena with me!


















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