Friendship vs Liberty

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As many followers of the podcast and campaign know, I have been going door to door throughout Sevier County, introducing myself to the voters here. For the most part the reception of my platform and myself has been incredible. Actually, better than mostly, almost universally, but I will save that for another post.

So, getting back to the title of this post. In my canvassing I came across a voter that informed me that they were good friends with my opponent in the House District 12 race. I have to give this person credit though, because they listened to what I had to say and did not shut me out completely.

At the end of this conversation I asked a couple of questions. The first was this – Which is more important, friendship or liberty? I followed that up with – Has, or will, your friendship protect your liberty? The answer was, “You have a great point there.”

What has friendship, and political party loyalty gotten us so far? Well, it has gotten us to this point in our state’s and our nation’s history. We’ve created – through apathy, friendship, and party loyalty – an incumbency of a ruling class in our government. We are transforming our Representative Republic into an oligarchy of apathy.

The voters of House District 12 need to know that there is an alternative on the ballot this November. An alternative to an entrenched incumbency.

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