Of Course

Apparently the Republic will reach it’s debt ceiling sometime around mid-October. There is a lot of yammering coming out of the mouths of the new aristocracy. Read the article below.

Once you read the article, which follows the same patterns in other news outlets, you will notice something missing in all the talks about how we need to raise the debt ceiling. What do you think the point being missed is? It is mentioned in the attached article that our nation’s debt ceiling has been raised at least 80 times in the past. There is never a mention of CUTTING spending. How do we keep getting to this point of having to continuously allowing the federal government to spend more money than it receives in revenue with discussing spending cuts. Real cuts, not just usurper-speak cuts, which are just no increases in spending.

If you or I spent money like our government did, we’d be in jail. Do you think it is time for every politician and federal employee in Washington, DC, be jailed for fraud and writing bad checks?


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