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Sharing from a very wise lady. Please give it a read and take action. There are many ways to stand in the arena.

We have a generation of kids and young adults who hate America, the American flag, and the national anthem. Entire Olympic teams, representing the United States of America, stand on the world stage and kneel while their national anthem is played. Some wear Black Lives Matter shirts. Others turn their backs. 

We should all be embarassed. 

But how did we get here? There are two answers, but really one: parents and schools, but mostly parents.Parents have allowed the government school system and the culture to be the primary influence in their kids’ lives. That school system and that culture is one saturated with BLM, Critical Race Theory, revised history, and no critical thinking skills.

Some parents send their kids to school and still manage to raise patriotic Americans. Kudos! Others have no clue what Critical Race Theory even is, so they sit idly by while their kids embrace it. It’s on TV, in the media (news and social), at school, and even in some churches. 

Still other parents think they’re being compassionate and kind by embracing white guilt without recognizing it for the Marxist drivel that it is.Parents: please wake up. Please be bold and courageous. Please pay attention to what your kids are learning. Make a stand. 

One thing about the founders of this country that we seem to be missing today is the long-term vision. Those men were willing to sacrifice everything for the freedom they could give their children and grandchildren. Are we willing to do the same? Are we willing to pour into future generations like they did? Will we risk our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor?

If you feel like you don’t know where to begin, start here —> Pray. Cement your worldview with the scriptures. Read up on current trends. Talk to your kids. Take over their education. Be an informed voter. 

Learn how to give your children a biblical worldview: https://nickitruesdell.com/instilling-a-biblical…/

Recognize what the culture is doing to your children: https://nickitruesdell.com/the-woke-culture-is-coming…/

Read about the 1619 Project here: https://nickitruesdell.com/the-1619-project-is-dangerous…/

Teach your kids the truth about communism: https://nickitruesdell.com/teach-your-kids-the-truth…/

Give your kids a true education in government: https://nickitruesdell.com/homeschool-government-and-civics/

Change the world, one family at a time.

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