The National Socialist Party

If you thought the Nazis were completely destroyed at the end of World War II, think again. It has risen from the ashes in Berlin and is regrowing in Washington, DC. The Biden Administration, and the Democrat Party are resurrecting the activities of the Brown Shirts. The political party that spent the last four yearsContinue reading “The National Socialist Party”

There is no doubt journalism is dead

Time magazine‚Äôs new cover is proof positive. As if the dementia-riddled, father of a criminal crack addict, beholden to the CCP could possibly stand up to any foreign leader. In order to prop up the usurper they helped to elect this is what they came up with: Most Americans, not the 81 million phantom votersContinue reading “There is no doubt journalism is dead”

Narratives fall apart, media still supports the Usurpers

While the media enablers, or handlers, of the usurpers in government have their previous narratives about the China virus, Trump’s photo-op, and Hunter’s laptop fall apart, they are still deciding to stick to their obvious bias. Their bias is against the truth, against the people. Even when confronted by shareholders, they obfuscate and deny. –Continue reading “Narratives fall apart, media still supports the Usurpers”

This is your government looking out for you

I just finished reading an interesting op-ed by Tennessee State Senator Todd Gardenhire (R-Chattanooga). I say interesting because it is based mostly upon feelings, as well throwing in a biblical reference to try and gain some further credibility. Please do not believe the “R” by his name. It should actually be a “T” for “Transpublican”.Continue reading “This is your government looking out for you”

Sample Letter to Representative Rudd

As discussed on this morning’s episode, if you are a resident of Tennessee, please email Representative Rudd about the upcoming certification of voting machines and concerns about the lack of paper ballot backups in our state. Below is a sample letter. The email addresses to send the letter to are: CC to your senatorContinue reading “Sample Letter to Representative Rudd”