Ways to get involved

There are many ways to get involved. To re-assert our roles as the citizen-sovereign in our Constitutional Republic. Start with frequent communications with your local, state and federal elected officials. School Boards, city or county government bodies, state senators and representatives, federal senators and representative. Remember, WE are their employer. Find spaces in the newContinue reading “Ways to get involved”

Absolutely sickening

Democrats HATE legal citizens of our country and encourage lawlessness. Our sweat equity is being used to award people in this country illegally. Check out this article – Watch: Illegal Aliens End Hunger Strike After Winning $2.1B in Taxpayer-Funded Aid from Andrew Cuomo https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/04/07/watch-illegal-aliens-end-hunger-strike-after-winning-2-1b-in-taxpayer-funded-aid-from-andrew-cuomo/

Media Enablers, or Handlers?

The evidence is right before our eyes. Headlines that read “GOP Ramps Up Attacks on Corporations Over Georgia Law.” Yep, it is an attack for calling out the woke CEO’s of sports teams and corporations and their celebrity buddies on their bull fertilizer. Nearly every article and news report calls the Georgia law “controversial”. InContinue reading “Media Enablers, or Handlers?”