New Podcast Platform Added

I am happy to report that the podcast is now available on another platform. Thank you to the audience for helping me to grow this venture. The more people are willing to stand in the arena, the easier it will be to restore our Republic!

We are also on many social media platforms. Screenshots of those homepages are below to ensure you find the correct one.

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In addition to Anchor, the podcast is now available on: Apple, Audible, Breaker, Google, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, Spotify, and now Reason.

More Fear Porn from the Old Gray Lady

Many news, and so-called news, organizations are reporting a growing reluctance to taking an experimental vaccine that is only being administered under an Emergency Use Authorization granted by the FDA. By no means am I an “Anti-Vaxxer”, so please don’t get the wrong idea here. I am all for getting a vaccine that has gone through rigorous trials and that has been around enough that long-term studies on its efficacy and side effects is well documented. That is not the case with the COVID vaccine. Back to the fear porn, with the population growing leery of the vaccine, how can the usurpers and their media handlers overcome that? With a bigger fear. Here comes the New York Times to the rescue:

The usurpers are pushing through a compliant media a bigger fear to overcome your smaller fear.

Also, the lies being spread about COVID and the vaccine are effecting the free market negatively. Have you ever seen, or are you aware of, a business that proudly segregates people based upon their medical choices? After all, we have had numerous vaccines around for a long time and I have never seen a business tell me that I was going to be treated differently because I had nit received the flu, shingles, or pneumonia vaccines. The below sign is proudly displayed at the front of a restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee:

Segregation, not biased on race or religion, is gaining traction in our Republic. All based on lies. All based on fear. A different kind of Jim Crow or Nazi Germany coming to a community near you.

Servant Leadership on Display

Rarely do we see an elected official act as a true servant leader for the people that chose to put them in their position of leadership. We have seen multiple examples of elected officials that made campaign promises to serve the people that elected them turn right around act as a ruler. A usurper of our liberty. Disregard the position of President of the United States of America for now, and focus on those elected to the position of Governor of their states. Over the course of this pandemic we have seen Governors turn in to mini-dictators, enacting mandates under the guise of “protecting” our health that steal our liberty (Cuomo, Whitmer, Newsome, et al). We have also seen Governors walk the tight rope of trying appear non-dictatorial in the public eye but passing the buck in the pandemic to unelected officials (they themselves appointed) such as state health commissioners, sacrificing their constituents liberty to the bureaucratic machine (Tennessee’s own Governor Lee tops my list). Then there are Governor’s like Florida’s Ron DeSantis.

This article is one of many that highlight Florida’s Governor as a true defender of individual liberty, thereby being a true servant leader. He should hold a seminar for all other Governor’s to learn how to work to protect the individual liberties of their citizens.

Please read about how Governor DeSantis is fighting for his state’s people and the state’s economy – Gov. Ron DeSantis Says Florida Won’t Waver in Fining Cruise Lines Over Passenger Vaccination Requirements (

You might be a …….

Watching television tonight reminded me of those Jeff Foxworthy jokes about how you might be a redneck if…

The shows running in the background while Denise and I are assisting Kaley with some wedding planning is Louisiana Law on Animal Planet. If you are unaware of the program it follows state government agents in various parishes around the state enforcing fish and game laws. It is very entertaining until you see the true irony.

You see, the first thing these law enforcement agents do when they engage with citizens (sometimes their status is questionable) is ask for their fishing or hunting license.

Hilarious and tragically sad at the same time. I am not sure about every one of the 50 states in our Republic, but it is possibly a universal requirement that an individual must be in possession of a form of identification to fish. Yet in exercising one of our most basic, fundamental rights – that of choosing our elected representatives – requiring identification is racist. It is called voter suppression by liberals and democrats. Why? To stay in power by encouraging fraud. Simple.

Still searching for the peak?

Just when you have grown comfortable in believing we have reached peak stupidity, some liberal will tell you to “hold my beer…..”

If your worldview is only seen through the lens of “racism”, you will find it in everything. Take for instance this article – Washington Post reporter troubled by ‘racist legacy’ of some birds | Fox News

Apparently some “woke” reporter, or journalist, believes that the naming of bird species is somehow a racist legacy. Well, we know that anybody that has the title of journalist in our society today is automatically suspect. True journalism in our Republic died when the journalists decided to become the enablers of the usurpers of our liberty. So, by that same logic all Socialists can be labeled, or tied to, a murderous legacy. Every Socialist nation in the world has had to murder freedom loving people in order to obtain, and maintain power.

Start using their logic against them. Every time some woke liberal who really loves Socialism and wants to force us all to live under that system calls you a racist, or a bird racist, throw back the term murderer at them. It most likely will not have an impact or change the way they think because liberalism is a mental disorder.

Stand in the Arena and fight back!

Lies, Lies, and more Lies

An interesting article. Notice how the narrative has changed. It has only changed because there is a different occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The usurpers, the aristocracy and their media handlers count on the electorate’s apathy to not notice their shift on this story. – Biden and Bowser administrations change their tunes on last summer’s riot response (

Happy Birthday

On this date in 1796, the great state of Tennessee was admitted into the union as the 16th state of the United States of America.

In my church’s men’s ministry breakfast this morning we were discussing our great state, especially the area in which I live. We are truly blessed to live in an area that worships and honors our Creator freely. We are surrounded by the beauty of his creation. Visitors from out of state are always amazed at the beauty of the area, the friendliness of the people, and how the troubles of many of the other parts of our great Republic are but a distant memory while enjoying their visits here. Denise and I were led here for a reason!

Happy Birthday volunteer state!

The Volunteer State’s Birthday is today!

Convention of States

Sharing this website again – COSAction (

Fifteen (15) states so far have passed a resolution calling for a Convention of States, with active legislation in seventeen (17) other states. Additionally, a resolution has passed in at least one chamber of the legislature in nine (9) other states. If you are a listener to the podcast or a follower of this blog and this has not happened in your state contact your state legislators. See the below map for reference.

Get involved. Get your state involved. We can make this happen if we all stand in the arena.