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I came across this article in my news feed today and found it to be very interesting. Most of the country is well aware of how badly off the sanity path the state of Oregon is lately. In fact, the entire left coast has gone all in on the communist way.

It has been happening for generations now and did not begin with the summer of love protests that resulted in the creation of the CHAZ in Portland. Oh no, that was just a foreshadowing of what the communists want for the entire state of Oregon.

The severe tilt to the left has even caused counties in the eastern part of the state explore ways to secede and join up with their much saner neighbor, Idaho. Well, there is news about another front in the war against tyranny in Oregon right now.

Article here – End of an era? GOP walkout shows political chasm where ‘The Oregon Way’ once meant bipartisan trust (msn.com)

I have often said that whenever government is in session, the liberty of the people is being eroded. That is especially true in states like New York, California, Washington, and Oregon. This tactic is awesome. It is slowing down the functioning of the state government, which in turn is slowing the pace of their liberty eroding legislation and spending.

Let’s cheer on the Republican senators in Oregon. We also need to encourage other Republicans in other liberal controlled states to do something similar. Or, just get out. Staying in those dystopian hellscapes means you are putting yourself and your families in danger.

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