Evidence, what evidence?

I hope you have all had the chance to review the latest report from the Committee on Oversight and Accountability Majority Staff that came out today. Just in case you haven’t it is attached.

What that is called ladies and gentlemen, in legal parlance is evidence.

Meanwhile, the former President of the United States was found guilty of sexual abuse and defamation based upon the word of esthetically challenged lunatic, in a kangaroo court with a biased jury and funded by leftist Trump haters. Never mind that ladies and gentlemen, because leftist justice is served.

What is leftist justice exactly? Well, that is when government is weaponized against anything, and anyone, that stands in the way of sliding our Constitutional Republic into a totalitarianism. Where communist tyrants control every aspect of lives, enabled by putting each system into debt bondage.

It is a system of justice where lady justice peaks under the blindfold to ensure the scales are always favorably tilted towards the apathetically elected ruling elite.

What will happen with these past, current, and future revelations concerning the Biden Crime Syndicate? Well, the same thing that happened with the fraudulent election in 2020. Nothing. Except for a lot of saber rattling and fundraising. The evidence is plain as day, but it does not matter in our current dystopian society. All that matters is that the ruling elite stay in their positions of power, and that you and I continue to fund their grift with our taxes.

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