The list of GOP County Executive Committees and County Commissions pushing back against Transpublican Bill Lee’s push for Red Flag laws here in Tennessee is growing. Sadly, it isn’t growing fast enough.

Governor Lee is expected to call for a Special Session of the General Assembly in order to push what Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson would call call a “re-branded” Red Flag law. The ruling elite serving in elected office has been so successful in re-branding pieces of legislation for decades now that they are comfortable with their artful lies. Comfortable because an apathetic electorate has let them get away with that for far too long.

Sadly I live in what could be considered the “reddest” part of the state, and yet I receive nothing but crickets in response to emails asking for our CEC to hop onboard this liberty train. It is apparent that most of the people that serve on the GOP CEC here in Sevier County are only title chasers or good ole boys, having no concern to actually influence things on the state level. That was made very clear during last month’s reorganization convention.

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