Why The Delay?

It is Saturday, the 29th of April. More than a month has passed since a mentally ill young lady walked into a school and murdered six people, three of which were children. The transgender person’s motives were left behind in a manifesto that has still not been released to the public.

Contrast that with the mentally ill young man that murder several co-workers on the 10th of April. The public is fully aware of the 13-page manifesto that he left behind describing his motivations.

So, ladies and gentlemen, why the delay? Several Tennessee legislators have called for the release of the manifesto. News organizations have sued to gain access to the ravings of the transgender young lady’s contained in her (yes, her) manifesto.

Even a national law enforce organization has filed suit. Read the story here – https://nationalpolice.org/the-national-police-association-files-suit-to-obtain-the-nashville-shooter-manifesto-and-other-records/

I always encourage the followers of this blog and the listeners to the podcast to ask the “why?”. Even if you believe you know the “why?”, ask. Force those who are in positions of authority to always provide you with the “why?”.

In this case the “why?” would confirm what rational people that are capable of critical thinking already know. This was a “hate crime” perpetuated against Christians at a “soft target” by a mentally ill young lady, suffering from a condition that is celebrated and rewarded by the leftists in this country. It would also take the focus off those evil guns (mine still haven’t escapes my house and killed people willy nilly yet) and put the focus right where it belongs. On treating the mental illness, instead of forcing everybody else to pretend along with the mentally ill.

Of course those in authority are withholding that information for fear of the backlash. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen, and stay strapped.

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