When The Commies Eat Their Own

I just came across another interesting article that demonstrates the left is never above eating their own when it comes to one of their members stepping away from their group think. Yes, they will even go after liberal Supreme Court icon, now retired, Associate Justice Stephen Bryer.

You see, Justice Breyer recently spoke kindly about one of the commies’ most-feared enemies – Associate Justice Clarence Thomas. The clown show that is dragging our Republic into the abyss will not tolerate any kind words about Justice Thomas. Ever since they failed in their attempts to keep him off the Court during his confirmation hearings he has been at the top, or near the top, of their enemies list.

This is why they always seem to be in lock-step (they being the commies). If you step out of line, or say and do anything that isn’t approved by the hive mind that is liberalism – you will be shunned, ostracized, and ridiculed. There is no thoughtful room for debate with lunatics like that. They have a blind hatred for everything and anything that refuses to conform to their world-view.

Let this article serve two purposes. The first as a warning to those on the left that want to break away from the pack and actually live in a Constitutional Republic – be prepared for the fallout. It will not be pretty, so start developing a thick skin. The second is that this should serve as an example to those on the right that believe you can negotiate or debate the insane clown show that is now the Democrat Party. Stop operating under old rules of engagement and be prepared for this fight.

Article here – Stephen Breyer’s Defense of Clarence Thomas Sparks Outrage (msn.com)

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