How You Handle The Legacy Media

I found this interview of John Harris of the Tennessee Firearms Association and I thought I should share it with you.

Interview – Citizens have a ‘right’ to violently overthrow government: Influential gun lobbyist (

A few things that I would like to point out about this article, along with TFA and John Harris.

First of all, regular listeners know that Mr. Harris has graciously come on the podcast a couple of times in the past. I hope to have him on again soon to discuss this session of General Assembly and the current discussions about Red Flag laws.

Second, please watch the news segment at the link provided in its entirety. What you will see is an example of how to handle the legacy media. The Tennessee Firearms Association is the no compromise defenders of our constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms. Check them out here –

Third, look at how the legacy media describes Mr. Harris in the title of the news article. “Lobbyist”, not the more friendly terms such as “advocate” or “defender”. Those terms are reserved for their useful idiot allies, like the “Tennessee 3” and the rest of the mob that descended on our Capital last month.

Follow John’s example. No compromise in defending our constitutionally-protected rights.

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