Using Government to Force an Agenda

Ladies and gentlemen, I was recently made aware of an event that will be taking place at the Sevier County Courthouse this coming Monday, 17 April 2023, at the County Commissioner Meeting. Links to the event are discussed in the following links:

Local news outlet –

Facebook post by event organizer –

This is an example of an aggrieved group – in this case an activist individual – trying to use the government to force the community to participate in something that may or may not align with their values. Past results of private individuals and companies, as well government entities, that do not participate in these rituals of subservience end up being “cancelled”. Far too often it is because those same individuals, companies, and governmental bodies do not hear from the majority of people they serve. Be it family, customers, or constituents. They only hear the loudest screeches of the segment of society that feels aggrieved and demands special class of citizen protection.

While most members of the LGBTQ (and whatever other alphabet letters have been added recently) are not okay with some of the things happening in our culture today, just look at what is happening all over the country under the banner of the “Pride” flag. Chemical and surgical mutilation of children; sexualization of children’s curriculum in government schools under the guise of Critical Race Theory and Social Emotional Learning; exposing children to sexually suggestive dancing by men dressed in women’s clothing and wearing garish makeup to transform themselves into caricatures of women; marching in public parades while scantily clad, adorned with sex toys and paraphernalia while children line the street; and on and on it goes.

While individuals in our Constitutional Republic are free to express their support for whatever cause they would like to, recent history has shown that these groups now want the forceful backup of government to further empower them. They show up at city, county, state, and federal government bodies asking for “declarations” of this type and others; allowing for the slow creep of thought tyranny to invade and control the everyday lives of Americans.

So, display whatever flag or poster you want to on your own private property. Gather in peaceable assemblies and inform your neighbors and government officials about your positions. But, STOP using the power of the government to force your beliefs and your values on everybody else. Many members of that segment of society will decry fascism and totalitarianism, all the while using the power of government to force their views on society. Enough is enough. You all wanted us to stay out of your bedrooms and we did. Now, stop forcing your bedrooms on the public through the power of government. Either through laws, policies, regulations, or proclamations.

If you are concerned with the encroachment of government forcing you to celebrate something that does not align with your values and beliefs, show up at the County Commission Meeting at the Sevier County Courthouse on Monday, 17 April 2023, at 6:00. Doors open 40 minutes prior to the meeting and seating may be limited. Show up early to ensure you are heard.

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