A “Dipsy-Doo, Flipper-Roo”?

As I watched the expulsion votes in the Tennessee General Assembly last Thursday happen in real time, I started to get a sinking feeling. Well, a few of them. The first one was how this circus is going to be portrayed in the legacy media. For a very long time now, the legacy media has chosen to do reports on what they deem as “newsworthy” only seen through the lens of race. Not only is Critical Race Theory being pushed down the throats of children in government schools, it is forced down the throats of every news consumer in our Republic. This push is aided and abetted by a government that needs the electorate to be divided by any means possible – race, gender, socio-economic factors, and especially along political beliefs. If those flames of animosity are not fanned by government and media, the people would focus their ire on the government that is working overtime to put us all into perpetual debt bondage and erode our constitutionally protected rights.

The poop show that happened in Nashville last week, expelling two Black, male legislators and “saving” the Caucasian, female one will go a long way to helping keep the race and gender narrative fight alive and well. Don’t pay attention to what actually occurred (which was a farce, in and of itself), only pay attention to the race and gender outcome. As we have all seen the past couple of days, my sinking feeling on that particular aspect of the votes Thursday was well warranted. In fact, I was texting one of my two brothers, along with a couple of people of Sevier County about that very same feeling as it was going down.

The other sinking feeling I had on this issue is one that is bearing out. Read the below commentary from Gary Humble of Tennessee Stands. The article captures one of my other sinking feelings about what went down.

Tennessee Stands Commentary – Largely partisan expulsions by a supermajority Republican House are not going to fair well for Tennessee. – Tennessee Stands

The action by Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton and the GOP caucus, after reading the state’s constitution, were definitely egregious in nature, especially given the caucus’ past reactions for offenses much more severe, and sometimes criminal. As I was discussing via text the actions, I informed my fellow patriot that removal from committees and a censure would have been a better response to leading chants with a bull horn in the well of the house chamber. With these expulsions, now tied to race and gender in the state and national media, the GOP super majority in the House of Representatives handed the entire communist caucus the biggest bull horn they could possibly desire. Censuring those three legislators and removing them from committees for the remainder of this session and possibly next, would have been more effective. Because the two young men that were expelled, because of the political make-up of where those two men were elected, well they are just going to be reinstated by the city/county commissions faster than the janitorial staff will be able to clean out their offices. If the Caucasian female had been expelled, that would have been a different story because of the political make-up of the Knox County Commission. The Tennessee House GOP made martyrs of those two young men without actually getting rid of them. Censure and committee removals (this session and possibly next year’s too) would have hamstrung them and kept them ineffective.

But we are where we are with the votes last week. Now comes my third sinking feeling. Have the Conservatives been bamboozled again by the RINOs and Transpublicans in the General Assembly? I mean, they had to know that if they expelled the two men (one from the Memphis area, the other from the Nashville area), that they would just be put back into office by their local governing bodies? Was this, just as I alluded to in yesterday’s episode of the podcast, the Transpublicans throwing the conservatives some red meat to placate them?

Because what the end result of this debacle I believe will be is that because of the state and national fallout of this misstep will be for the GOP super majority in both chambers to become even more “moderate” in the way they operate and in the legislation they propose and pass. They will use the term moderate, but Conservatives in Tennessee know that means they will become even more like the liberals they were elected to oppose.

So, yes, my fellow Tennesseans, we have been bamboozled. The GOP super majority pulled the old “dipsy-doo, flip-a-roo” on their constituents because they knew exactly what the outcome of their actions would be.

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