More Media Disingenuousness

With the information about the identity of the school shooter in Nashville coming to light, the media has kicked in to high gear in defense of mental illness. As usual, they are attacking the weapon and not the individual. More so in this case.

It seems that the mentally ill individual left behind a manifesto and with that news, coupled with the information that the shooter was transgender – the people that would normally be calling for the public release of that manifesto are doing the exact opposite. Here is where you have to ask “why?” ladies and gentlemen.

The “why?” is easily answered if you are capable of critical thinking. The anti-gun nuts, along with the pro-mental illness people do not want the general public to be made aware of what this individual was thinking. Instead, they want the focus to be on the weapon. More so than ever. After reading the article that I will link to below you should discern that quite clearly.

There is also the strawman argument about the number of mass shootings committed in this country as compared to the number of mass shootings committed by transgender people in this country. Very, very disingenuous. You only have to read what the definition of a mass shooting is today. Of the total number listed in the article, how many do you think take place in Chicago alone? The real question should be how many school mass shootings are committed by transgenders? Or, how many federal and state “gun free zone” mass shootings are committed by transgenders? What would the percentage be then?

The left, all of them, will always try to define the problem as this – the ease of access to firearms in our nation. Well, flip that the same way as they flip the argument by how they define a mass shooting. If the sheer ease of access to firearms in this country, as well as the number of privately owned firearms in this country were are real problem – we would have school, or “gun free zone” mass shootings on an unimaginable scale. But we don’t, so the ease of access is not the issue. The real issue is the mental health pandemic in our nation. A pandemic created and enabled not only by the government, but supported and spread like a virus by its useful idiots.

Article here – Audrey Hale Manifesto Release Raises Major Concerns From LGBTQ+ Groups (

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